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Clairefontaine AgeBag 3-Pack A6 Staple Notebook
Looking for a great workhorse notebook? Fountain pen-user? Stop. You've found it. 96 pages of 90g ruled paper. Durable cover. Job done. Amazing value for money. Price is for 3 Notebooks. Black option is 3 Black books. Mix Options are 1 red, 1 green and 1 tan or 1 red,...
Clairefontaine Agebag Duo 12cm x 7.5cm
The Age Bag is a quality notebook from Clairefontaine of France. The name is derived from luggage, since the card covers have a worn leather-like look to them. They are ideal for anything from office notebooks to travel journals. These Duos are officially size 'dinky' or 'La dinky' as they...
Clairefontaine Retro Nova Lined Pocket Notebook
The French are here! Clairefontaine have been milling paper since 1858, so it's no surprise that they are pretty good at it. These books give you more pages for your money than most, and if you use a fountain pen, these books are for you. Fantastic notebooks. An original edition...
Clairefontaine Suzi Q FOUR pack Notebooks
We have a LOT of notebooks here a Pocket Notebooks Towers. These ones make me smile every time I catch sight of them. A flirty little number. These are plain paper, and smaller than our normal stock. There are four designs, and you get one of each. Product details Suzie...