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Moleskine: 3 Products


Moleskine - Pocket Cahier Journals
In many ways, Moleskine heralded the comeback of notebooks. Fountain Pen users cry that 'the paper used to be better.' It did. However - it's still pretty good in my view. It's 70 GSM and in my opinion perfectly suited to the job. It's a lot better than many. An...
Moleskine - Art Plus Sketch Album Pocket Soft Black
Wins the prize for best tongue-twister name. I'm told by people with talent, that these are excellent quality sketch books. Even fountain pen users have been heard to mutter 'not bad, I suppose...' For the smart creatives out there. Pocket Sketch Album Size: 5.5" x 3.5 (14 x 9 cm),...
Moleskine Notebook Pocket Dotted Black Soft Cover
From the classic line. It's...classic.  Moleskine elicits strong opinions. Some for and some against. I'll tell you what though, pull one out and you can't help but feel just a little bit cool. Maybe that's just me. The Moleskine Pocket Dotted Notebook is bound in cardboard, with a 'moleskine' cover...