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Write Notepads & Co - Chesapeake Bay Summer 2017
Another great Edition at add to your collection, makes you want to eat crab in the sun, let's go! The Chesapeake Bay Edition Ahhhhh...Summer has arrived! For us Baltimoreans that means it's time to break out the Old Bay, pop a nice cold one, and enjoy the sunshine with friends and family.  It's...
Write Notepads & Co - Chesapeake Summer 2017 Limited Edition Pencils
Write Notepads & Co are pleased to offer for sale their latest limited edition "Chesapeake" pencils. Created with wonderfully tasty steamed blue crabs in mind,  each of these orange pencils (the eraser is orange too) has been stamped in white matte foil to match our themed notebook release.      Includes (6) #2 Hexagonal Pencils American...
Write Notepads & Co - Jumbo Pencils
Write Notepads & Co American Made and sourced pencils. Made by the Musgrave Pencil Company in Shelbyville, TN, produced from the finest of woods and graphite.   Pack of five meaty pencils. These really are big boys!
Write Notepads & Co - Paper Journal
Another addition to Dan's Big Pockets. Pretty much A5. Simple. Lovely. It's a modern take on our traditional journal notebooks. This notebook embodies the original design and feel of Write Notepads & Co. Minimalistic in style, yet offering a blank canvas for one to embellish both cover and contents. Includes (2)...
Write Notepads & Co - Pocket Flipbook - Pack of 6
Delivery days is always fun. However, every now and then, a delivery arrives at PN Towers that makes me curse; because I wish that I had ordered more. These are tiny wee books, barely bigger than a credit card. There's one in my wallet right now. Pocket Flipbooks Our latest...
Write Notepads & Co - Pocket Ledger Notebook
These guys at Writepads & Co are knocking it out of the park at the moment. If you are a 'task lister' give this little gem a look. Productivity personified. Extra! Extra!  Write all about it… Our notebook pays tribute to the artful wordsmith world of news reporters.  The lines,...
Write Notepads & Co - Pocket Notebooks Set of 3
Look. These are classy notebooks. I defy anyone not to feel a ripple of excitement when presented with one of these boxed packs of three. Pure-bound, 100-pound stock covers, 70-pound, smooth paper that handles everything from pencil to fountain pen. Every pack sold triggers a donation of a notebook to...
Write Notepads & Co - Reporter's Notebook
These guys at Writepads & Co are knocking it out of the park at the moment. The big brother of the Pocket Ledger, this is one of Dan's Big Pockets (works great in my cargo shorts). This flip book makes for a brilliant desk jotter. Task lists, scratch pad, or...
Write Notepads & Co - Telegraph - Limited Edition Pocket Notebooks Set of 3
It's 2017, and we're back with a whole new series of limited edition pocket notebooks. To start off the new year, we've chosen to celebrate the life of a relatively unsung American pioneer, Samuel Morse.  A truly sophisticated man, Samuel Morse is credited with creating America's first telegraph system, and...
Write Notepads & Co Henry D Thoreau 200th Birthday Edition
Sold Out
Wow, more Special Editions than you can shake a stick at!  Only 500 printed, Stu's managed to get hold of a few.  Get yours while you can! Henry David Thoreau - 200th Birthday Edition Henry David Thoreau’s Walden is a seminal text of American letters, and no less should be said of...
Write Notepads and Co. Pack of Rubber Bands
  Each bag contains the following:(2) - Black rubber bands (Pocket ledger)(2) - Large White(2) - Large Red All of the rubber bands are made from synthetic rubber in the good ole' U.S. of A. by Alliance Rubber Company (Hot Springs, Arkansas)